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  Progressive-Liberal.com became necessary when a number of so-called “liberal” sites like The Daily Kos let go of and/or blocked a number of their regular contributors for not adhering strictly enough to the current Corporate/Establishment Democratic Party Line. This is not to say these now-shunned writers were screaming, “MAN THE BARRACADES!” at the top of their lungs as they tossed Molotov-Cocktails at law-enforcement. Hardly. These were not "wild-eyed revolutionaries" by any stretch of the imagination.

The fact of the matter is the most damning thing any one in the aforementioned group of writers expressed, their most serious “offense,” was stating the obvious: that Hillary Clinton was a very, very flawed candidate and that the loss to Trump was more than anything else she and the DNC's fault. Frankly, there's no where else to reasonably put the blame. Having lost the Congress (both houses), the Presidency and a majority of the State-Houses and governorships around the country, we think the Democratic Party desperately needs to go in a different direction. Hardly a "radical" position, considering the state we and the Party now all find ourselves in. 

Top Issues

We want Democrats and the DNC specifically to start representing their voters and stop representing exclusively their corporate and big business donors (i.e.: the current state of the party) and to that end we will publish articles that deal with getting money out of politics; raising the minimum-wage; promoting single-payer health-care; Judicial Reform and standing-up for worker's and Human Rights. 

On Content

  Many of the pieces published here at Progressive-Liberal may not always directly address the aforementioned “Top Issues” but outside of a fair consideration of all the facts and opinions involved, and we definitely encourage diversity of thought and opinion, we will never promote the Establishment/Corporate Party Line simply because it's the Party Line. The Dems will have to do better than that to get us on-board. 

Site Content

The Rise and Fall of The Conservative True Believers

... the True Believers convinced themselves that the people were finally on board with the project, never wanting to face the fact that the people could not care less about their “project.” 

Left vs. Left

There is currently a battle for the soul of the Democratic Party and the Political Left going on; a “civil war,” if you will. On the one side you have the Establishment, probably best represented by Hillary Clinton. A committed “Third-Way,” big-money corporatist, Secretary Clinton is an apple that did not fall very far the Bill Clinton political tree. 

Left vs. Left Part 2

 I said that the youngest Left cohort – “wild, crazy, radical, identity politics, anti-fa, college campus, SJWs (Social Justice Warriors)” and the “radically Politically Correct”  – are the least important part of the new, real, true Left, and that was a tad unfair. 


 How can people destroy the world with pollution and global warming (i.e.: climate-change) and create a Hellscape that their offspring, their legacy, their CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN and GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN will ultimately have to live in? 

Whatever You Do, DON'T SHARE IT!

 The bottom line: the U.S. doesn’t “give away” a f—king penny out of the goodness of our collective hearts; they’re “buying” something: Loyalty, peace, weapons, open trade-routes, etc. If any of those things increase the profit margins of a multi-national, the U.S. will procure them. If there’s no profit in it; fergetaboutit.  

The National Debt & Why You Can Stop Worrying About It

 What the U.S. does is sell bonds. That’s right, the National Debt is outstanding U.S. (mostly Treasury) Bonds! The Congress votes to sell a certain dollar amount of U.S. Bonds (the “Debt Ceiling”) to finance our various projects and adventures and those bonds are bought by just about every moneyed-interest on the planet.  


 Why on earth does a law-abiding civilian need a military-style assault-rifle? What exactly is the objection to registering firearms with the government? Why aren’t there more regulations and restrictions on private gun-sales? Why aren’t gun-show sellers required to do background checks just like gun-shops are?  


 So what did Republicans learn from the complete and abject failure of the “Kansas Experiment?” Apparently nothing. Which brings us to the Republican Tax Reform plan; all the details aren't yet in but from what we've seen so far it's basically the idea that lowering taxes on the rich and corporations will generate so much revenue that the middle and working classes will reap huge financial rewards. 


 “Black Lives Matter” as the motto of the titular movement is not strictly speaking a purely declarative statement; it's also – and perhaps most importantly – a response, a reply to the racist actions towards African-Americans by (especially white) people and (especially white but not limited to white) police-officers all over this country. 

A Conversation About Taking a Knee

 All of those in power, from the President to the Team Owners to the media, all are deflecting from the real issue. Basically they're all re-framing the narrative so they don't have to address the actual point. 

AUTOPSY-REPORT on the 2016 Election

To rural voters Democrats in general are just wrong about everything.

  Also working against Hillary Clinton was the strongly held view in rural America that Liberal-Democrats (which as pointed out above, she wasn't one – Dem, yes, Liberal, not so much) and Democrats in general are just wrong about everything. 


 If the only thing that truly matters is “Going Home Tonight,” and you have a gun and the authority to use it whenever you see fit, then f—king kill ‘em all and let god sort ‘em out! Because I’m f—king going home tonight! Well, I see that as a serious problem. 


...If my mechanic tells me that I'm low and I need to put oil in my car or I'm going to throw a rod and blow-up my engine, I don't say, “You're no better than me!” and drive off without putting any oil in the car...

Supply-Side Economics Fails Every Objective Test! Part One

 Once you realize that trickle-down economics does not work, you will see the excessive tax cuts for the rich as what they are – a simple upward redistribution of income, rather than a way to make all of us richer. 

Supply-Side Economics Fails Every Objective Test! Part Two

 “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” could have quite easily kept all the small tax-cuts for the poor, working and middle-classes and not have ballooned the national debt by 1.5 trillion dollars and still given the economy a major boost. But this was never about the poor, the working or the middle-class. 


  A rich guy carrying bags of money walks into your house and hands you a U.S. Government Check for $100 and then he walks upstairs and brutally rapes your kids and all you do is say, “Gee, I can't wait till he comes back next month and gives me another $100 Government Check!” 

Of Roseanne Barr and Jeff Sessions

A couple of things of interest happened this past week. One, Roseanne Barr committed professional suicide – a long time in coming in my opinion – and two, a new report from the New York Times reveals that President Donald Trump pressured Attorney General Jeff Sessions to un-recuse himself from the Russia investigation in order to retake control of it.


 What is Hillary going to do about Russian interference in the election, Mr. Trump? Probably nothing as she lost the election and isn't running the government, you lying, ignorant, racist, stupid, sack of sh-t.


I want to get briefly into a little thing called “Testilying” – that’s right, not testifying, testilying, and, yeah, it’s a real thing. Testilying is defined as: “Police perjury (or testilying in United States police slang) is the act of a police officer giving false testimony.” This happens all too often and even when proven rarely results in any disciplinary consequences for the lying police officer..

Donald Trump’s high favorability ratings explained

 They can’t back away from Trump and admit that they made a huge mistake; that they really don’t know their ass from a hole-in-the-ground. “You’re no better than me!” is going to come-off as pretty lame if people saw you in that “Make America Great Again” cap in 2016 and/or heard you support a failed business-man (remember those 4 or 5 bankruptcies) and reality game-show host for the most powerful position on the planet. You might as well just admit that you’re an imbecile who should not be allowed to vote or even express an opinion; certainly not an opinion worth respecting. 

The Nazi Didn’t Kill Jews in the Beginning Either

Trump’s suggestion that Democrats are blocking legislation to fix the snatching babies from their mothers arms problem is nothing more than yet another Trump falsehood (i.e.: LIE). 


While Trump’s crazy has real-world consequences for many Americans, and often the rest of the world as well, so much of what he says is so, well, f-cking CRAZY and STUPID but also, and of equal importance, entirely UNTRUE that it’s all but impossible to argue intellectually against it. It’s like getting into a serious, in-depth, political discussion with a toddler; no matter how smart the kids is, pretty quickly you’re both going to get frustrated 

What’s It Mean To Be White

If your heritage is Irish, Spanish, Portugese, Polish, Ukrainian, etc., if you’re not Aryan by blood, you may be “white,” but in the mind of a White Supremacist, while you may not be the first in line for their new gas-chambers, believe me, these guys are saving you a seat.

Liberals & Conservatives Have Different Brains

You could put it this way: according to science, Conservatives are afraid of new things and progress and Liberals are always looking forward to new things and progress.