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by Merl Moore (MerlMoore@mail.com)

  Here's how I see the Republican tax-cut:

  A rich guy carrying bags of money walks into your house and hands you a U.S. Government Check for $100 and then he walks upstairs and brutally rapes your kids and all you do is say, “Gee, I can't wait till he comes back next month and gives me another $100 Government Check!” Oh, he will be back every month and he'll have that check, every month, but he'll go up those stairs and brutally rape your kids every month as well.    
 Some of you are saying that's not a fair analogy, but it is and I'll break it down for you: The tax-plan is a major boon for the top 1% and EVERYONE agrees with that (here's Business Insider's, hardly a left-wing publication, take on it: http://www.businessinsider.com/trump-tax-plan-rich-people…/…).
  The average tax-break for poor and middle-class, depending on the specifics of your personal situation is between just over $1,000 a year (i.e.: less than $100 a month) and a few thousand a year (i.e.: a few $100s a month) off your taxes while the well off (people making over $200,000) are getting several tens of thousands and with the repeal of the estate tax, the super rich (people making over a million dollars) are getting several millions in tax-cuts.  
  Most non-partisan tax experts/groups put the figure at more than 80% of the tax breaks goes to the rich and corporations and less than 20% go to the working and middle-classes, which I assume most of you are.
  Using the numbers from the non-partisan Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (see chart at top/left) the numbers break down like this; and remember, we're talking individual taxpayers only and not corporations, so here we go: those making over $200,000.00 a year are 6.6% of taxpayers and receive 70.8% of the money going to individuals in tax-cuts; those making under $200,000.00 are 81.2% of taxpayers and they get 29.2% of all the tax cuts going to individual tax payers. What this means is that for every $100.00 in tax cuts going to you, those making over $200,000.00 are getting $28,571.42. Let me say that again: $100.00 for you, $28,571.42 for the rich person. And that's for every $100.00 you get. $100.00 vs. $28,571.24! If you're a $100.00 person that's $1,200.00 each year and for everyone of you there's a fat-cat getting $342,857.14! If you're one of the lucky few who gets back more, say $300.00 a month, some fat-cat is getting $85,714.26 each month! $300.00 vs. $85,714.26!!! Every - f-cking - month!!!    
  (NOTE: Obviously these figures are rounded somewhat and averaged out (i.e.: those making just over $200,000.00 will not be getting over $85,000.00 a month, but if you're a millionaire or a billionaire...) and there might be some anomalies. Basically the formula is this: 6.6% get 70.8%; 81.3% get 29.2%, so that's 70.8% ÷ 6.6 = 10.72 (i.e.: the share each one of the 6.6% gets of 70.8% of the pie); 29.2% ÷ 81.3% = .35 (the share each of the 81.3%...), and of course, there is a lot of rounding, i.e.: on average, each person in the 6.6 percentile (+$200,000.00) is getting a $10.72 for every $0.35 received by each person in the 81.3 percentile (-$200,000.00) so a lot more people are sharing a much smaller piece of the pie, but again that's an average of all tax payers making more $200,000.00. Some will get more, some less.)    
  Here's a mental picture that should help everybody: Let's say you're splitting $100.00 with 100 people. You give the first 7 people $10.00 each, $70.00. You split the remaining $30.00 with the remaining 93 people which comes to just over 30¢. As in 30 cents. $0.30. Each. Versus $10.00. $0.30 vs. $10.00!!!! Just how stupid would you have to be to still be at all happy with your monthly $100.00 (or even $300.00) once you crunch the numbers? ( https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/paul-ryan-deletes-tweet-connecting-woman’s-tiny-raise-to-tax-cut/ar-BBIEN88?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=mailsignout)  
  So here's the breakdown I promised: The rich guy in the story represents the rich and corporations, the bags of money, that's the 80% cut ($28,571.42); you represent you, you get less than a 20% cut shared with over 70% of tax-payers, that's the $100 Check. Your kids represent your kids and the future because in real-life the $1.5 trillion (or if you prefer: $1,500,000,000,000) this tax-cut for the rich and corporations will cost the U.S. is going to be paid back by your kids, that's the brutal, repeated rapes – the rich's huge cut, every month.    
  So I'd say that's a very fair analogy. Anyway, enjoy your $100 a month. Oh. And, sorry about your kids.