The Game We Are All Playing (whether we like it or not)

by Merl Moore (

   This President asks where do you draw the line on pulling down statues. “This week it's Robert E. Lee, I notice that Stonewall Jackson's coming down, I wonder,” Trump asks, “is it George Washington next week and Thomas Jefferson the week after?” Then making a semi-stupid-statement, “You really have to wonder where it's going to stop.”      
   Okay, sorry; that wasn't a semi, that was an entirely stupid, 100% stupid statement.      
   Let me help you out, idiot-Donald: While Washington and Jefferson were also slave owners, and owning slaves is nothing to be proud of, do you actually know what Lee and Jackson did that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson did not do? Well, for your information, idiot, what they didn't do, unlike Lee and Jackson, was take up arms against the United States of America, and did so specifically to defend and preserve the disgusting practice of slavery in the United States, and in so doing committed treason against the United States, an act which ultimately led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of their fellow Americans. That help any, idiot?      
   So maybe that's where we draw the line, Donald, you moron. Put another way, you idiot, nobody's proposing taking down the statues of all slave-owners in history (although an argument could be made for that), what they're talking about is taking down the statues of traitors to America who specifically defended the slave-trade; those whose main/only claim to fame is that they are traitors to America, like Lee and Jackson, who specifically defended the practice of owning slaves. That's why certain racist groups (i.e.: the KKK, White Supremacists, Nazis, and Neo-Nazis) are up in arms over the removal of these statues; they honor and revere those who oppose racial justice in any and all forms. See, that's because they're racists, you cretin. God, Trump! you're as stupid as a bag of rocks!    
   A leading Southern heritage organization, the Sons of Confederate Veterans with no official, direct involvement in the bloody protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, condemned the white supremacists who rallied for preserving the statute of Gen. Robert E. Lee.    

"It's painful to watch, for lack of better words," said Thomas V. Strain Jr., the group's commander. "It was our family that fought, and it was our families that died, and now we have these knuckleheads hijacking the flag for their own purposes. These statues were erected over 100 year ago to honor the history of the United States," said Strain. "They're just as important to the entire history of the U.S. as the monuments erected to our forefathers." Of course, that's all nonsense.    
   The following, whether anyone likes it or not, is really what this all about: First, let's put this issue in factual-context, the claim of many Confederate supporters that the Civil War was not fought over slavery, but state's rights, is entirely accurate. Which rights you might ask? Mostly the right to own slaves.    
Beyond that fact, the vast majority of Lee's monuments went up in the 1920s as an intimidation tactic, at a time when the Klu Klux Klan was experiencing a resurgence and new Jim Crow segregation/oppression laws were being adopted (i.e.: by this time Reconstruction killed-off entirely by White Supremacists in the South). Significantly, the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville that the Sons of Confederate Veterans and other hate-groups is currently so concerned about being brought down was erected in 1924; not during the Civil War and not even just after (the Civil War ended 60 years before this statue went up); certainly not more than “100 year(s) ago to honor the history of the United States.”      

Ultimately, this statue is about Jim Crow Laws and racial-segregation and oppression and intimidation and not the false, fabricated  “Honor” of those Southerners – traitors – who fought and died in the Civil War. This and all the statues honoring Confederate Traitors was a clear message to all people of color, “You will never have equality here in the South!”   

That's the real racist history that they – Nazis, Neo-Nazis, The KKK, White Supremacists, and White Southerners like the Sons of Confederate Veterans – are trying to preserve, folks. And, apparently, they are willing to kill to preserve it. In a perverse way, I could even see myself supporting the keeping of these statues if only to remind us all of their real meaning and significance: specifically reminding us of what human pieces of shit white southerners were and many still are. But subtle political nuance and intellectual sarcasm might be a bridge too far for this group, in this case, so I'm certainly not in any way proposing such a thing.    
   In conclusion and most simply put, there is no valid reasonable argument to justify preserving Lee's statue in Charlottesville. I don't care what White Supremacists, the KKK, Nazis, Neo-Nazis, or the Sons of Confederate Veterans wish, believe, or say, Robert E. Lee was a racist and a traitor to the United States who doesn't deserve a monument of any kind anywhere in this country or anywhere else.      
   But then, in fairness to the Village Idiot known as Donald J. Trump: At the end of the day, Comrade-President, you undoubtedly know a whole hell of a lot more about racism and treason than I do.