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Left vs. Left Part 2

by Merl Moore (MerlMoore@mail.com)

In “Left v. Left” #1 (http://progressive-liberal.com/left-vs-left ) I said that the youngest Left cohort – “wild, crazy, radical, identity politics, anti-fa, college campus, SJWs (Social Justice Warriors)” and the “radically Politically Correct”  – are the least important part of the new, real, true Left, and that was a tad unfair. 

That article was a specific response to Stephen Woodford’s Youtube post on his “Rationality Rules” series, a series which I simply f-cking love, and the story that day specifically, “Is The Left Eating Itself,” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1r3H9--2nS0&t=5s. 

The original argument here was about a teacher at Evergreen (Washington) State College, Brett Weinstien, who apparently was treated poorly at Evergreen (in his opinion) for not being sufficiently Politically Left. 

My point in that previous article was that the Democrat Corporatist/Establishment wants this fight within the Party and the movement to be seen to be about Ramped, Extreme Radical Political-Correctness and other radical and extreme political ideas vs. The Reasonable Adults (the Establishment) who appreciate that while people should be thoughtful and considerate of other people’s feelings, still, unlike those ramped, radical extremist SJWs, we should all acknowledge that there are more important things then their thin skin.

In other words, the Establishment wanted to characterize the argument as between the grown-ups verses the least popular group of the Left; extreme, painfully politically correct college students. Hell, these people were a pain in the ass when I was in college in the early 1980s! I get it.

But that isn’t what the Democratic Party “civil war” is actually about at all and does not address that the actual “civil war” within the Democratic Party and The Left is about Corporatist/Establishment Sell-Outs (Neo-Libs) vs. Real Liberals who actually care about the people (https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/989907885030301697 ).

I know I said that the college kids were the least important people in the new left but that isn’t exactly how I really feel. Frankly, I don’t see those extreme PC-SJW-individuals as irrelevant or unimportant for the left. Yes, in some ways they’re a pain in the ass but that doesn’t make them irrelevant.

Look, the bottom line is that we need everybody to pull this off. At the end of the day you can be as pissed-off as you like about those Democrats running and those that get elected but believe me, if you’re on the Left you’re going to be a lot more pissed-off with a Trump-Friendly Republican Congress and Senate and another 4 years of the Orange el Duce.

So let’s move on. The point I want to make here is that all the factions of the new Left are important, in fact everyone on the left is CRITICAL to winning in 2018 (Congress, The Senate) and in 2020 (the Presidency and Congress – both Houses). To make that happen all of us on the Left must be on the same page regardless of our minor differences. 

I do not support the Establishment Democrats even a little but I’ll take every one of them over the Republicans.