by Merl Moore (MerlMoore@mail.com)

   There's a lot of finger-pointing going on since Hillary Clinton's monumental failure and believe me, I'm as good a finger-pointer as the next guy. There's plenty of blame to go around; from the DNC to the Democratic Party to FBI Director James Comey to the Press to the Clinton Campaign — by the way, while I’m on the subject: what idiot thought the arrogance of her supporters chanting “I'm With Her” made more sense than them chanting “She's With Me/Us/America”? (obviously the same idiot who thought “A Better Deal” will be a winning a slogan in 2018 & 2020! — to Vladimir Putin and Russian Intelligence to the candidate herself (in the end, in the general I voted for Clinton): THEY ARE ALL GUILTY to one degree or other of blowing this entirely, easily winnable “contest.” President Donald Trump? Are you f—king kidding me?    
  Perhaps the biggest mistake made was Hillary's supporters asking only – even before the primaries – if the attacks on her these past 30+ years were fair or not (clearly, for the most part they were not) when the real question they should have been asking all along is if those attacks were effective or not (clearly they were). Regardless, fair or unfair, in far too many ways Hillary – in fact, the whole “Clinton Brand” – is damaged goods. There's simply too much bulls—t, baggage and back-story that follows the Clinton name wherever it goes.    
  Of course, when you're “in-love” it's all but impossible to see your beloved's even most obvious shortcomings and the fact is that too many of the Democratic Establishment were in blind-love with an incredibly flawed, incredibly “Establishment,” entirely corporatist candidate in what would be an incredibly anti-establishment election.      
  Admittedly, it's a fact that “the swing of only a few thousand votes in a couple of key states would have resulted in her winning the presidency” (Neil Buchanan, www.newsweek.com/...,) still, for almost any other candidate this election would have – and should have – been a cake-walk. Do I need to bring-up President Donald-F—KING-Trump again?    
  It's also true that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by almost three-million votes! WOO! HOO! Unfortunately, that's not how presidential elections are decided in the United States. That's how they should work. I wish that were the way they did work (especially now! Do I have to again mention...). But, as well all know, that's not how it does work.    
  A confirmed e-mail to senior staff from Navin Nayak, the director of opinion research on the Hillary campaign, pretty much puts the entire blame on Comey's two “blockbuster letters” to congress in the final days but that's just sour grapes. There's no question that Comey's letters were unfair and did some damage, but there's a sports axiom that goes “If you lose the game because of one bad, unfair call then you were supposed to lose the game all along; because if you were supposed to win it your opponent would never have been close enough to win because of one bad, unfair call.” Sure, Hillary got a lot of bad, unfair calls – three-and-a-half decades worth! – but who didn't see this coming? It's not as though that reality was a secret (i.e.: youtu.be/... – this was broadcast on-line a week before the election).    
  On a parallel issue: There are a lot of people who blame the pundits and pollsters for misleading them. Fair enough. But, while you can blame the weatherman for misleading you to leave your umbrella home, you don't get to blame the guy for the rain; that's well above his pay-grade. The pundits and pollsters were wrong, get over it.    
  At the end of the day it's obvious that running a completely “Stay-the-Course,” DLC, Corporatist-to-the-bone, Pure-Establishment-Candidate in a the-people-want-change environment (from the right and the left) was a recipe for disaster and we liberal/progressives should have known better from the beginning (see: https://youtu.be/A0llnzHTBsc). And, actually, a lot of us did and were met with absolute fury from Clinton supporters, including at D Kos where many people with dissenting views were blocked from publishing essays stating those views and the underlying reasons for them and their D Kos accounts permanently frozen. So much for freedom of speech.    
  So, here we are. President Donald-F—KING-Trump. How's that working out for you, DNC?    
  (Another video on the subject that's chock full'o interesting stats: youtu.be/...)